About Me

Let me tell you a few things

Jake Wagner


I am a cyclist, outdoorsman, researcher and economist. My passion is working on complex problems, and delivering actionable results. I am a young professional with big ambitions, a willingness to fail, and a stubborness to find solutions.


I am a research assistant at Washington State University under the direction of Dr. Joseph Cook (2018-present). Prior to my time at WSU, I was a research assistant at the Institute for Public Policy and Economic Analysis under the direction of Dr. Patrick Jones (summer of 2015). As a research assistant I have acquired skills in data analysis, machine learning, and the production (and synthesis) of technical reports.


As an instructor in the School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University I have had the opportunity to teach both introductory and advanced classes, in small and large class settings (as well as online). These experiences have helped me to develop as a teacher and a communicator to better express empathy and understanding, in order to find common ground and ultimately deliver fruitful teaching and personal growth.


I was active in the management of the intramural sports programs at Western Washington University from 2011-2013, and at Washington State University from 2013-2014. During this time I developed skills in team leadership, conflict management, and customer service.